the old cathedral st. louis
the old cathedral st. louis

Updated Mass Guidelines

Dear Old Cathedral Parishioners and Visitors:

Archbishop Carlson has communicated to pastors that beginning on
Monday, June 22, all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis should
continue to be mindful of the social distancing and other requirements
recommended by health officials. Here are some important points to keep
in mind:

  • Masks will still be required to enter a parish within the Archdiocese of
    Saint Louis. The use of masks throughout Mass with the exception of
    receiving Holy Communion will continue at the Old Cathedral.

  • On June 22, Holy Communion can now be offered in the hand or on
    the tongue. It is strongly recommended that parishioners receive
    Holy Communion in the hand; however, parishioners and visitors who
    still wish to receive Holy Communion on the tongue must receive
    from one of the priests distributing Communion.

  • In order to be mindful of the social distancing requirement, Holy
    Communion will continue to be distributed after the conclusion of
    Mass. Parishioners and visitors will still be required to exit the church
    through the side back doors immediately after receiving Holy

The hours during which the Old Cathedral is open will now be
changed. The Old Cathedral will be open from 6:45 AM to 2:00 PM
on Monday-Friday, 6:45 AM to 6:30 PM on Saturday, and from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM on Sunday.