the old cathedral st. louis
the old cathedral st. louis

Rector's Coronavirus Update

The public celebration of all masses has ceased until April 6, at the earliest.  For many of us this is something we have never experienced before. Not only are churches and other houses of worship limiting public worship, but schools, libraries, restaurants, health clubs, tourist venues, among others, are limiting access or closing their doors.  Unprecedented times; at least unprecedented in our lifetime.

Still, the private celebration of Mass continues unimpeded.  Father Samson and I celebrate Mass sine populo (without a congregation) every day in the Basilica of Saint Louis and those Masses are celebrated with all of you in mind, especially for your safety and care.  All of our parishioners and visitors are very much at the center of the Masses we celebrate, our daily recitation of The Liturgy of the Hours, and our private prayers and devotions.

Although we will not be seeing each other for several weeks, please know that you are not forgotten in our hearts and we ask that you continue to remember us in your prayers and other private devotions.  We must always remain united in prayer and hope, but especially during these days.

As always, the work of the Church never stops, no matter the situation.  The poor still need to be feed. People need to be educated. The sick need to be cared for.  The lonely and depressed need to find community and assistance. And, the day-to-day operations of the parish continue.  

Please remember to keep your weekly donations coming to The Old Cathedral during this time.  We are unable to maintain this beautiful and historic building without your prayers and support.  You can mail your weekly contributions to the rectory or if you make a visit to the Church, you can drop your envelope or donation off at the rectory from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM or in the mail slot.

Hopefully, we will be seeing each other very soon.  However, in the meantime, let us continue to pray for each other and let us be mindful of those around us.  We pray, through the intercession of Mary, Health of the Sick and our Mother, that the God of all love and compassion will be with us in a special way during these challenging and uncertain times.


God’s blessings.

Fr. Smith