the old cathedral st. louis
the old cathedral st. louis

Special Collection in October throughout the Archdiocese to Benefit the Old Cathedral

By request of Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, there will be a Special Collection the weekend of October 26 and 27 at all the parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Saint Louis for the benefit of Restoring a St. Louis Treasure, Campaign to Restore the Old Cathedral.

This collection is for our parish which is a treasure for the entire community. Brochures and contribution envelopes are available in all the parishes and also found in the pews at the Old Cathedral. We ask you to be as generous as possible.

This Special Collection is being taken up in all of the parishes of the Archdiocese on October 26 and 27. This is a sign of how important our historic church is to the entire community.

If you know of someone or some business entity that may like to make a donation, please take a couple of extra brochures and envelopes and contact them. You may also direct them to this website to make an electronic donation.

To date over 6 million dollars has been raised throughout St. Louis. We are in need of an additional 4 million dollars to complete the project. Your help will assure an inspiring historic Restoration of this church—it will compliment as well, the soon to be under-construction new Arch grounds.