the old cathedral st. louis
the old cathedral st. louis

Weekday Temporary Closing of Old Cathedral Church

Beginning Wednesday, July 23, work is scheduled to begin on stripping and staining the wooden floor throughout the Church. We do not know just how the chemicals will effect the healthy use of the building. Accordingly, in order to be safe, at least for the first week—Wednesday, July 23, through Friday, August 1—the Church will be CLOSED to the public. There will be no 7:00 am Mass and no 12:10 pm Mass that entire week.

After that first week we will revisit the situation and then determine the feasibility of having weekday Masses the following week.

Of more importance and regarding Holy Days and SUNDAY MASSES, including Saturday afternoon, the normal Mass Schedule will be followed the weekends of July 26/27, August 2/3, August 9/10, August 15 (Assumption) and August 16/17. The only, and somewhat of an interesting change, will be that we will setup the chairs throughout the spacious Sanctuary (not on the wooden floor) with access to the Sanctuary being through the Museum door on the west side of Church (via the former Memorial Drive).

We thank you for your understanding  and patience with this “one more challenge and experience” during the Old Cathedral Restoration Project.